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Alligator® A Wall Anchors for Solid Walls

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Alligator® A Wall Anchors for Solid Walls 
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Our ALLIGATOR® solid-wall anchors are the strongest anchors for concrete, brick, and masonry on the market.
They outhold all metal, adhesive, and epoxy anchors of comparable screw size
The special shape of their heads and the anti-rotation fins prevent the anchor from spinning and countersinking into the wall
The anchors work even when they hit a hollow cavity in the wall—no need to replace with a hollow-wall anchor!
The screw thread locks into the "teeth" in the anchor for vibration proof and shock proof holding


Attributes of ALLIGATOR solid-wall anchors that make them superior to conventional solid-wall anchors, such as metal expansion, wedge, sleeve, and drop-in anchors, plastic plugs, or chemical/adhesive anchors...

Fast: Can be installed through the fixture with a screw gun—anti-rotation fins and unique head design prevent sinking and spinning.
Versatile: Work in any building material.
Intelligent: Work with broadest range of screw sizes for highest holding power without cracking wall.
Strong: Hold more than metal anchors 2 times their diameter. Unlike metal anchors, there is no torque measurement required to set.
Set Instantly: Set instantly, unlike so-called chemical anchors. "Molding" action bonds anchor to wall.
Vibration-Proof: Specially formulated corrosion-proof polymer absorbs shock...and is Adaptable: Non-corrodable, non-magnetic, and non-conductive

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