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Welcome to the maintechmro Mark & Code products page. Here you will find marker pens for industrial use, paint pens, permanent marker pens, fabric pens and specialist pens like our UV pen, Safe Mark NSF Marker or high purity marker pen. If you cannot find the marker pens that you need call our technical team on 0844 880 9294 and they will be able to find what you need.

Our Dykem brand of paint pens and permanent marker pens are specially formulated for use in industry, Dykem do not make any kind of stationary marker pens.

Dykem industrial marker pens include paint pens such as industry leaders, Brite-Mark, Dalo and Texpen. A these paint pens are valve action or pump action marker pens they contain up to 60ml of paint and work in the toughest environment. To find out which are the best paint pens for your application call our team on 0844 880 9294.

Dykem also manufactures specialist permanent marker pens that are ink based such as Tuff Guy, Action Marker and Strike Mark. These permanent marker pens are high solids inks, UV resistant and will withstand most industrial processes. To find out which are the best permanent marker pens for your application call our team on 0844 880 9294.

We also have a range of specialist markers such as our UV pen, high temperature marker and high purity or low chloride marker. The UV pen is used for security marking or marking in production processes. Our UV pen glows under ultra violet light. For more information about our specialist marker pens call 0844 880 9294 and ask one of our team.

Dykem also manufacture a range fabric pens under the Mark Tex brand which are available here. The Dalo fabric pens and the Texpen fabric pens have been the industry standard fabric pens for many years now. Very permanent and machine washable these fabric pens have been used for marking and material testing throughout the world. To find out more about the Mark Tex fabric pens call our team on 0844 880 9294

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Dykem® Brite-Mark® 916


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Dykem Texpen Medium


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