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Welcome to the maintechmro Janitorial products page. Here you will find cleaning chemicals, hand cleaner, hand sanitiser, degreaser and other cleaning materials widely used in industrial maintenance. If you cannot find what you need call our technical team on 0844 880 9294 and they will be able to find what you need.

Our Maintech brand of cleaning chemicals are specially formulated for use by industrial maintenance professionals. At Maintech we are always looking for the latest and most innovative cleaning chemicals that are safer and make the job easier. Maintech also works to find the best cleaning chemicals that are efficient and respect the environment. For more information about our range of cleaning chemicals call our team on 0844 880 9294.

Hand cleaner, we have a passion for good quality industrial hand cleaner. Our premium away from the sink product, Scrubs in a bucket the number one selling waterless hand cleaner in the USA, it is the most effective. For at the sink hand cleaner we recommend the Nettuno hand cleaner range available in portable form or with wall-mounted dispensers. For more information about the best type of hand cleaner and which hand cleaner to use, call our team on 0844 880 9294.

Other cleaning materials we cover include various types of degreaser, including the very popular Dymon natural force foaming degreaser and various Ambersil degreaser products. Graffiti remover both as an impregnated towel such as the Scrubs graffiti remover towel and liquid graffiti remover. Stainless steel cleaner such as Scrubs stainless steel cleaner towels and various brands of aerosol stainless steel cleaner.

To go along with these cleaning materials the maintenance engineer will need a variety of dry wipes for wiping down, from the ever popular blue roll through to our durable heavy duty Ready Red engineering wipes. If you cannot see what you need here, please call our team on 0844 880 9293 who will be able to help you.

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Scrubs-in-a-Bucket 72-Count Waterless Hand Cleaner
Product Code: 17272
Scrubs-in-a-Bucket 72-Count Waterless Hand Cleaner

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Scrubs - Graffiti Wipes
Product Code: 90130
Scrubs - Graffiti Wipes

List price: £12.79

save 19%

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