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Welcome to the maintechmro fixings and fastening page. Here you will find fixings, wall plugs, hollow wall anchor as well as the nuts & bolts and machine screws to go along with them. If you cannot find what you need call our technical team on 0844 880 9294 and they will be able to find what you need.

Our Toggler alligator wall plugs out perform any other wall plugs on the market. Alligator wall plugs are wall plugs that have the strength of resin anchors. Our Toggler snaptoggle hollow wall anchor, will be the only hollow wall anchor you will use. One M6 snaptoggle hollow wall anchor on a plasterboard wall will hold up to 120 kg, now that is a superb hollow wall anchor. For more information about the Toggler range of wall plugs and hollow wall anchor systems call our team on 0844 880 9294.

Fixings need the nuts & bolts that go with them and we have access to a vast range of nuts & bolts. You may prefer machine screws or hex bolts, pan pozi, countersunk or flat head. For any size of machine screws, nuts & bolts or any other fasteners for your fixings call our team on 0844 880 9294 and they will help you.

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